This web application demonstrates how to interact with your home or business to view and control systems via Opto22 SNAP-PAC systems.
Look at the different sections of the website to view different data formats that can be displayed or controlled. This site is a working progress and more things will be added as they are installed.

This page has been customized to suit a standard web browser or a tablet device such as an iPad
All data shown here is delivered live via a SNAP PAC-R2 controller. Data will update every 3 seconds. Most files are stored on an external web server to reduce the load on the Opto22 device so it can concentrate on data delivery.

Nearly all automation systems that have a web interface rely on PC based servers to deliver the data, generally via a database. This system is different where all the data is delivered directly from the field device. This has the advantage of not having to purchase and support servers. We also use standard web based protocols to interface directly to the device where only a web browser is required to view the data, without the use of a proprietary downloaded software application.

If prompted, username=user, password=22solutions

More information can be obtained by visiting 22solutions